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Exclusive Artist Agreement

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            This Agreement (“Agreement”) made this  _____ day of ____________________, 20____ by and between –YOUR COMPANY ("Company") and ARTIST NAME ("Artist"). 

W I T N E S S E T H:

            WHEREAS, Artist performs as a recording artist, musician and vocalist; and

            WHEREAS, Company wishes to have Artist perform for Company;

            NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the conditions and covenants contained herein the parties agree as follows:

1.         Definitions.     As used in this Agreement, the term:

(a)        "Album" shall mean a record embodying no less than ten (10) master recordings of various selections constituting not less than a total of 40 minutes of playing time.

(b)       “Artist” shall mean the individual named above or the individuals set forth in Exhibit “1” collectively as a group.

(c)        “Controlled Compositions” shall mean all of Artist’s original musical compositions and other works subject to copyright pursuant to Title 17 of the United States Code (and other applicable international copyright treaties and conventions) and utilized in a Master written, owned or controlled by Artist, or in collaboration with others.

(d)       “Delivery to Company”, or words of similar connotation shall mean delivery for mastering, to a studio or other facility designated or approved by Company, of fully mixed, leadered, sequenced and equalized media comprising the recording commitment for the production of the parts necessary to manufacture Phonograph Records in a manner technically satisfactory to Company and Distribution Company.  This term shall also include all consents, approvals, copy information, credits and other material required by Company, its licensees or its Distribution Company to release Phonograph Records embodying such master recordings and to manufacture album covers or other packaging.

(e)        “Master Recording” or “Masters” shall mean any original recording of sound, whether embodying sound alone or sound synchronized with or accompanied by visual images, which may be used in the recording, production, and/or manufacture of Phonograph Records, together with any derivatives thereof (other than phonographs records).

(f)        “Net Sales”shall mean gross sales of Records [excluding “promotional   sales”] less….