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Our Music Business Contracts and Agreements - make money with your artists
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About the Contracts:

Our contract templates were created from actual contracts used by our record and entertainment company clients and affiliates. They are tried and true industry standards tested in actual live market situations. Although our contracts were created by corporate and entertainment law attorneys, you should always consider consulting with established entertainment attorney in your state.

Our music contracts are designed to meet your needs.

Contract Descriptions:

Exclusive Artist Agreement - This contract covers everything including recording, merchandising, touring, videos, royalties, production, and more. It is the complete artist management tool covering all areas of marketing of your artists and offers the greatest degree of protection on all fronts.

Video License Agreement - This contract is used for video production to create videos for your artists for viewing on MTV, VH1, and other music video venues.

Merchandise Licensing Agreement - This contract is to license the Artist's name, logo, and images to companies that produce merchandise to sell such as t-shirts, posters, and other marketable retail products.

Band Tour Management Agreements ( Independent Contractor or Management Company) - These contracts are for tour, event, and appearance management or your artists by an outside management company or an independent contractor (non-employee) for the sole purpose of "on-the-road" management of touring logistics only.

Side Artist Agreement - This contract is used for guest artist or studio musicians to perform on your artist's recording or with live performances with no rights to royalties or financial interest in the recordings outside of agreed upon fee or being mentioned on the CD cover.

We have dozens of different music and entertainment contracts, but  decided to post the most essential and will add new agreements and update periodically depending on the demand. If you feel you need a contract template that is not posted, please email us your request and we will do our best to accommodate you by posting or emailing you directly.

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