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Video Licensing Agreement

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This AGREEMENT is entered into this ____ day of _________ 20__, by and between Your company name  ("COMPANY") and the artist identified in Appendix A ("ARTIST"). WHEREAS, Artist controls the rights to a music video as identified in Appendix A ("VIDEO"), including all copyrights to the musical composition, lyrics, performance, and sound recording, the right of publicity of the performers, and the trademark to the performer's name;  WHEREAS, Your company name. is a multimedia development company, which intends to incorporate the VIDEO into an interactive multimedia work ("PRODUCT"); and
 WHEREAS, ARTIST is interested in having the VIDEO incorporated into the PRODUCT;  NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises, conditions, covenants and warranties herein contained, the parties agree as follows:
A. Rights Granted
 ARTIST hereby grants to COMPANY., its successors and assigns, subject to the payment of the sum and inclusion of promotional materials as set forth in Section D, a non-exclusive, perpetual (except as provided in Section F) right and license throughout the Universe ("Territory") to:

 1.   Incorporate the VIDEO into the PRODUCT and to reproduce, distribute, import and sell said PRODUCT on any optical media, or electronically, throughout the Territory;


 2. Record in each country of the Territory the SONG, the ARTIST's rendition of the SONG and the lyrics to the SONG only in synchronism or time relation with the VIDEO, and to reproduce, distribute, import and sell said PRODUCT on DVD, CD-ROM, Internet download, or any other form electronically, throughout the Territory;

 3. Port the PRODUCT onto any DVD, CD-ROM, or other digital platform now existing or later…