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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there things I should know before signing an artist to my label?
Yes. If you are a seasoned professional and have already created your record company, you know the ropes. If you are just forming your company, my suggestion is nto leard everything you mcan about theb dynamic of the music/entertainment industry. Check out our Articles page for crucial info and our Links page for music business resources like BMI and ASCAP.  

After the I download the contracts can I make changes to them?
Yes. The contracts are provided in a microsoft word format. You can make any changes to the entire contract by using microsoft word. 

After I pay for the contracts how do I receive them?
After your credit card is authorized the site automatically takes you to a page with your receipt and a download button. Click on the download button  the contracts are automatically downloaded to your computer.

I am having difficulty opening one of the files.
The contracts are downloaded as a self executing file. After you click on the download link, the file should have downloaded to your computer.  If you still have trouble let us know and we will e-mail you the contracts individually.

Can I use these contracts in any state in the U.S.?
Our contracts have been drafted by entertainment and corporate attorneys and included legal terms based on music industry standards  in copyright and trademark laws of the United States. The contracts are drafted so they can be used a template to structure a particular deal for a particular artist. Each state has their own set of contract laws. Each contract should have a final review by an attorney in the your state to make sure the contracts adhere to those laws. We have taken care to highlight where you will need to insert your company name in addition to the artist you are signing name. Our contracts are consistent with most state’s industry practices.

Can these contracts be used in a country other than the United States?
The contracts on this site have been drafted and included terms based on the standards in the music industry and copyright and trademark laws of the United States. While the contracts are drafted in such a manner, they can be used a template for the way to structure a particular deal, with changes being made to adhere to your country's laws. Each country has their own particular laws regarding contracts. Each contract should be reviewed by an attorney in the your country to make sure the contracts adhere to those laws. Therefore these contracts would only be used as a guide or a template for particular terms you might want to include with your contract that is consistent with your country’s laws or industry practices.

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