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Dear Record Company Mogul, (that's you!)

Congratulations on taking the first step in getting your career out of the parking lot and on to the fast track of the music and entertainment business!  We have secured some of the best music business and entertainment industry contracts available on the market today. The first order of business in starting your own independent record label, music management or production company is to protect your investment with solid music contracts created by music industry experts. Our contracts were drafted by renown entertainment and corporate attorneys specializing in entertainment law and representing some of the industry top artists across all genres.   Acquiring the very best talent and having early success in the music industry can generate millions of dollars, but does not guarantee you will receive your fair share of the much deserved financial rewards unless you have the right contracts for the music business in place.  Choosing which contracts you will need for  your newly created record label, entertainment group, individual artist or band is a very big deal, and we know it can be a bit overwhelming.  Don't worry, we're here to help! We have the latest in entertainment law music contracts tailored specifically for the digital music age, downloadable in MS Word format, and updated frequently.  

 Please visit our contracts page for previews of our music contracts and agreements. Thanks!